dimanche 30 décembre 2012

"Una Groupie Rabiosa"

Acapella: Bob Sinclar "Groupie"
Instrumental: Shakira "Rabiosa"

samedi 29 décembre 2012

Jarod Ripley & Maxi Jo - "Staying One More Night"

Acapella: Bee Gees "Staying Alive"
Instrumental: Maroon 5 "One More Night"

samedi 15 décembre 2012

mardi 11 décembre 2012

"Come Back To Me"

Acapella: A-Ha "Take On Me"
Instrumental: Darius Rucker "The Come Back Song"
From the album "Tracks That Are Rarely Travelled..."
Download: http://www.envisiondesign.com.au/